The CeramicSpeed Eagle 14 Pulley Wheels have been designed to provide race precision shift performance and maximum drivetrain efficiency. Developed in partnership with Specialized S-Racing, CeramicSpeed Eagle 14 Pulley Wheels are the ideal substitute for SRAM factory standard pulley wheels, improving efficiency by 34.4% through a unique 14-tooth narrow-wide design.

The Eagle 14 Pulley Wheels are designed as 14/14-tooth pulleys to obtain better shifting and less chain friction. The narrow-wide design adds further shifting performance and increased life time.

The bearing race in the non-coated Eagle 14 Pulley Wheels is made of stainless steel to obtain even higher corrosion resistance and increased life time despite dirty riding conditions.


Aluminium Pulley Wheels
These aluminum alloy pulley wheels deliver a unique mix between low friction and long lifetime improving your performance when riding off-road with your SRAM Eagle 12-speed groupset.


Titanium Pulley Wheels 
The Eagle 14 Pulley Wheels are available with CeramicSpeed Coated Bearings, which features increased resistance to corrosion and the damaging effects of contaminating factors like water, salt, or dirt are eliminated. This is thanks to a special coating applied to the bearing’s races, which is 75% harder than hardened steel.

CeramicSpeed SRAM Eagle 14 1-12


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