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CeramicSpeed CeramicSpeed Hollow Ti Shimano 11s COATED

CeramicSpeed CeramicSpeed Hollow Ti Shimano 11s COATED
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A world premiere and technological innovation, these hollow 3D printed titanium pulley wheels are 5-10% lighter than our original titanium Pulley Wheels and guarantee the same unparalleled lifetime and reduced friction.

The combination of 3D printed titanium pulley wheels and coated CeramicSpeed Bearings result in the best pulley wheels in the world. Since the pulley wheels are the fastest spinning bearings on your bike, this CeramicSpeed upgrade is the most effective way to save energy or improve your time.

The 3D printed titanium pulley wheels are extremely resistant to wear. This makes them a great choice if you ride in demanding conditions or just ride a lot. To give even greater protection and reduced friction, a super thin (2 microns) protective coating is applied to the bearing races. This further increases the resistance of the bearing to corrosion or damage from foreign objects.

Compatible for all Shimano 11-speed rear derailleurs, including Shimano 9100-series rear derailleurs.

Mounting and maintenance
Just like every other bearing system, it is important that these pulley wheels are correctly mounted and maintained. For mounting instructions, watch this installation video. Maintain your pulley wheels periodically by adding oil to the outside of the bearing seal, so that oil can penetrate the bearing. This is recommended when you lubricate your chain, after cleaning your bike, or after riding in wet or muddy conditions. For further maintenance instructions, please watch this video.

Do you want to know more about the development of these pulley wheels? Read more about it here.